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  • Tile Stone Grout

Fast Drying

Superior service is ALL we do and we have been at it for 25 years. If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in the past you will be happy to experience our attention to detail and very fast dry times. The combination of the suction from our powerful unit, the special tools we use and our powerful blow dryers get your project dry in no time!
*2016 Expertise Award*

Award Winning Firm


A Better Longer Lasting Clean!  We guarantee that you simply cannot get a better service than having two IICRC trained master cleaners arriving at your home with truck mounted cleaning systems, over $60.000 dollars of equipment and all work done by the owners. Our method is approved and preferred by mills, retailers, installers an decorators in the U.S. and the world over.  

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Our large gas powered TRUCK MOUNTED extractors are the top quality choice for your residential and even large scale commercial project.  These units far surpass anything that plugs into a wall. They create their own heat and powerful suction. Once you have cleaning done in this manner you'll realize that you don't want anything else.



What Our Clients Say!

Absolutely the best cleaning ever. Trustworthy in every way. I will always use his services.

Kailua Client Mary Lundquist

Exceptionally reliable, very professional, honest, fair, responsive, and competent.

Kailua Client Chris Pletan Cross

I have been very satisfied with the expert services for cleaning upholstery , floors, rugs, carpeting, antique needlepoint..they can do anything and do it well.

Kailua Client Barbara Mathews

Wonderful job, very professional, and efficient. Couldn't ask for a better job. I was very happy with the job they did and they even cleaned my oriental carpets.

Honolulu Client Sita L.

Finest Cleaning For Carpet Furniture Rugs Tile Stone - Since 1990

  • Greg & Lynn Watts-Owners

    Greg & Lynn Watts

    We have made TRUST our primary focus so we instead of sending employees to your home, we do the work ourselves. Our truck mounted extractors simply perform the deepest, safest cleaning...


  • Premium Carpet Cleaning

    Carpets & Rugs.........

    Our Carpet Cleaning processes are top of the line, safe for your StainMaster warranty, and dry in   1-3 hours. Our top quality stain protectors will keep them cleaner, longer as well...


  • Furniture & Leather Cleaning

    Furniture & Leather

    Furniture and leather cleaning is something almost everyone needs and we specialize in a wide variety of fabrics including "microfiber suede" Top quality stain protectors will keep them cleaner, longer...


  • Tile & Stone Cleaning

    Tile & Stone Cleaning

    Our tile & stone cleaning includes prep with rotary scrubbers and grout brushes followed by the exraction you see above. We also carry the finest in sealing products...


Consider The Benefits

Healthy Cleaning has the potential to make you feel better.

You get relief from a number of bacteria, allergens and mites that settle out in carpets and fabrics. Learn More

Save time from attempting to clean, save money from purchasing replacements. 

  • Greg & Lynn Watts Owners. Award Winning Firm with Over 25 years experience.
  • All types of Carpets & Area Rugs.
  • All types of Upholstery.
  • Pet Odor Treatments.
  • Stain Removal & Application of Long Lasting Stain Protectors.
  • Tile  Stone & Grout Cleaning & Sealing
  • Driveway / Decks Cleaning & Sealing

Tile - Stone Care: DRY TREAT - World's Finest Sealers

Like the idea of a premium nano sealer that lasts 5 -10 times longer?

Maintain the look and feel of your surface while protecting from staining, water and salt damage. Ultra breathable - allows moisture to evaporate instead of collecting inside the material. Suitable for indoors and out, residential and commercial environments, kitchens, bathrooms, entertaining areas Make cleaning easier, no special cleaners required, stands up to household cleaning chemicals and even commercial cleaning techniques such as high pressure hosing.

We Clean: Synthetic & Natural Carpets, Rugs, Furniture, Mattresses, Tile- Stone Floors, Counters, and more!