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Greg Watts Guitars / Gear / Music Virtual Sessions Featuring Maple, Mahogany & The Fuchs ODS


 New & Old Stuff CD


  Imogene  /  Hamer Artist Custom
  Lisa    / Yamaha SA2000 (335)
  The Chicken   /  Valley Arts Tele
  Some Skunk Funk / Valley Arts Strat
  BreckFuss    /  Valley Arts Strat
  She Gently Weeps   / Yamaha SA2000 (335)
  AW Funk /  Valley Arts Strat
  Matinee   /  Hamer Artist Custom
  Stormy Monday Blues With BB  /  Hamer Artist Custom
  Corners  / Yamaha SA2000 (335)
 The Sponge  / Yamaha SA2000 (335)

African Skies  / Yamaha SA2000 (335)

Blue Wes  /  Yamaha SA2000 (335)

  Full House /  Hamer Artist Custom
Goodbye Porkpie Hat / Hamer Artist Custom

Jabba's Sail Barge Jam /
Valley Arts Strat

Groove Elation / Yamaha SA2000 (335)

Snoopy Dance / Valley Arts Tele

I started around 1970 in the Chicago area with the guitar.

Thanks for checking out the music.

Greg Watts